5-minute wellness breaks. Texted 3X a day. To make WFH feel good.


Work Refreshed wellness breaks are designed by physical therapists for the specific needs of a home office worker. Get moving, prevent common injuries, feel stronger and more energized.

All while staying Zoom ready.

For companies or people.

Our Features

Why Work Refreshed?

Designed for today's workforce

Wellness in the flow of work to prevent common injuries, stress, fatigue and anxiety. Our WFH teams need a new type of support.

Timely Reminders
3-5 Minute Breaks, Personalized 

Choose from a library of workouts designed by doctors of Physical Therapy who are also certified personal trainers. 

Mobile Phone
Smart Reminders

Choose your workout times and get timely prompts for the right movements at the right times.

Adjust right on your calendar

Priced for People, Teams or Companies

Because the only thing better than 1-person feeling great is a bunch of people feeling great.

Business benefits

A professional, science-based program designed for the remote workforce.

Implementation is completely managed by Work Refreshed.

It starts with a live onboarding and desktop ergonomics workshop for the whole team (if desired).

Team members then start receiving their personalized prompts.

Anonymized reports are shared with the program lead monthly to show usage and, and educational materials are provided throughout the license term.

No new systems to learn or dashboards to visit. Simple and effective.


Individual benefits

Finding movement during the WFH day is challenging. But it doesn’t have to be.

We all know sitting at a desk, hunched over a keyboard or typing on a screen for 8-10 hours a day is bad for us. But prioritizing movement and self-care is hard! It’s hard to schedule workouts into busy calendars, and most workouts are too time consuming to fit into the day consistently.

Work Refreshed is different. Our 3-5-minute workouts are delivered throughout the day on your schedule, and will leave you feeling invigorated, not drained. They can compliment your workouts, and further your fitness goals. Or they can be a sneaky way to fit 1-2 hours of movement into your week without even noticing (except for the extra energy you have at the end of the day).

Person Working Out 2


For Teams or Individuals


A benefit for groups or whole companies

*Managed implementation
*Live Desktop Ergonomics Workshop 
*Access to a growing list of over 100 workouts and custom programs 
*SMS notification for all team members
*Weekly activity summaries for all team members
*Monthly summaries for program leads

Team Members ≤25 ≤50 ≤100 >100
Annual License Cost $1,200 $2,000 $3,000 Custom



Because everyone deserves to work without experiencing common injuries.

*Access to over 100 workouts (and growing)
*SMS notification for all team members
*Weekly activity summaries for all team members
*Different workout programs (Strength, Mobility, Combination, Injury Prevention, Sport Specific)